Projects and Testimonials - Accounting & Finance
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Projects and Testimonials - Accounting & Finance

Below are project testimonials spanning some of Charles DeSimone, CPA, CGMA available service solutions.

Financial Analysis and Business Analytics

Charles quickly grasped a core operation understanding and developed KPIs with executive management and expanded the monthly reporting package to include cash flow, contribution margin, break-even and target profit analysis, and price-volume variance analysis that enabled view by business model and entity resulting in redeployment of resources to profitable lines and locations saving the company thousands on a monthly basis. - R. Buell, COO and former VP East Coast Operations (Transportation Industry)

Pricing and Product Decision Analysis

With full scope and precision, Charles helped me meet an upcoming and difficult pricing decision by conducting the first ever company rate engineering project. Using a split business model analysis to identify profitability of each model, then further analyzing utilization and variable and fixed costs to re-engineer the company's rate matrix by hour and vehicle type which resulted in the elimination of underperforming price points, a client rate realignment, and an immediate margin impact, targeting 10% margin increase in the first year. - P. Fiouzi, COO (Transportation Industry)

Systems Implementation and Process Documentation

After successfully transitioning the accounting function from Chicago to California as a consultant, Chuck came on board as corporate controller and rebuilt a streamlined accounting function, implementing a new accounting system, fixed asset, stock option database, and report writing software that resulted in increased reporting accuracy and timeliness in preparation for a potential IPO, and a 2-person department headcount reduction saving the company significant funding.
- B. McKay, CFO (Software Industry)

Charles served as project manager of and played an integral part in implementing a brand new HRIS including HR & Benefits, Payroll and Time & Attendance. His reporting capabilities were excellent and unmatched, and his ability to communicate various finance and accounting concepts and ideas to all levels of the organization was appreciated and admired. Charles upholds a high level of moral and ethical values and has a tremendous work ethic. I would absolutely recommend Charles as a valued business consultant. - L. Mevers, VP Human Resources (Transportation Industry)

Compensation Structure and Analysis

The company's sales force was undergoing changes and we took the opportunity to completely revamp the old commission structure. Charles' knowledge and understanding of profitability metrics and the business led to a quality of revenue approach that was more incentive based and fair to both the rep and company resulting in a win-win in an industry with no standardized commission structure. Charles then drafted the entire agreement in legal form for executive team review, including explanation, examples, and addendums. His insight, professionalism, and openness to my overall sales vision made a highly complex and vital endeavor run smoothly and be brought to completion in a very short period of time. - P. Fiouzi, COO (Transportation Industry)